Upcoming Shout! Awards 2013

Upcoming Shout! Awards 2013

Yuna, Aizat Amdan and Mizz Nina are the front-runners for the music categories of the upcoming Shout! Awards 2013.

As soloists or collaborators, they have eight nominations each for the top six spots in 17 award categories.

As duet partners, Yuna and Aizat are up for the Popstar Award, in competition with Aizat's musical partnership with Noh Salleh of Hujan, and Yuna as a soloist.

Meanwhile, Aizat's band, Go Gerila, is nominated in the Rockstar Award and Music Video Award categories, while hip-hop "first lady" Mizz Nina is up for the Flava Award and Music Video Award for her collaboration with South Korean singer Jay Park.

Singaporean actors Adi Putra and Aaron Aziz continue to dominate in the TV and film award categories with local award-winning actresses Lisa Surihani and Nora Danish, and Redza Minhat and Cristina Suzanne Stockstill of the movie Kil.

Giving them a strong challenge, however, is the hugely popular and zany duo called Jozan, comprising comedian, singer and television personality Zizan Razak and television and radio personality Johan Lim.

Adi and Nora are competing with Johan and Zizan, and Redza and Cristina, for Best On-Screen Chemistry. Aaron's television series Adam Dan Hawa is up for Fresh TV Series, while Lisa's film Istanbul Aku Datang, Redza's and Cristina's Kil and Adi's Langgar are competing for Breakthrough Local Feature.

Zizan is up for Favourite TV Personality, while Johan faces tough competition in the form of Hot FM's Fara Fauzana and Faizal Ismail and Fly FM's Hani and Hafiz Hatim in the Coolest Radio Announcer Award.

Cristina faces incumbent Nora, past winner Scha Alyahya and Lisa in the Hot Chick Award, while incumbent Aaron faces past winner Henry Golding, Adi and Redza in the Hot Guy Award.

Yuna and Aaron are among the crowd favourites in the Wired Celebrity Awards, and a notable new challenger is Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

Irish singer Shane Filan of Westlife fame is this year's international guest artiste, and he will be joined on stage by a tribute to electronic dance music featuring Imma Bleep You Up, Daniel Veerapen, Vince Chong, Sharon Chong, Inversion Crew, Joe Flizzow, Reshmonu, Paperplane Pursuit, Najwa Latif, Froya, Salam Musik and Manifesto among other entertainers.

One of the nominees, rock group Oh Chentaku's guitarist Afiq Iskandar or Amber says it is their second Shout! nomination, and they are delighted to be back.

"We're busy with our new album Young Hearts and we are keeping our fingers crossed for this heated competition," he says at the event launch in Subang Jaya.

Radio personality Prem is delighted to be nominated as an individual for the first time. "In the previous years, I was nominated as part of the Fly FM team," he says adding that competition is very tough.

The awards, in its fourth year, will be hosted for the first time by Tanda Putera actor Razif Hashim and radio personality Natalie Kniese of Hitz.FM fame.

8TV and ntv7 group general manager Airin Zainul says Shout 2013, like its predecessors, gives recognition to local artistes who have made impactful and creative developments in music, television, cinema, radio and social media.

"Apart from providing a platform for fans to voice their definition of what's new and cool, Shout! 2013 also rewards the power houses, trend setters and go-getters of Malaysian entertainment," she says.

Shout! 2013 is going "a step higher" by having its own presence on social media platforms with the account TheShoutAwards on keek and instagram.

"Submissions for nominations ran from June till August and were screened by an independent panel of judges consisting tastemakers and experts representing the broadcasting, music and film industries.

"Six nominees are in the finals of each award category and fans vote for their favourite from now until Nov 8," she says.

Fans vote online at www.shoutawards.com.my or via SMS by sending SHOUT <space><voting code> to 33399.

Back by popular demand is The Show Before The Shout! Awards, an hour-long special hosted by Razif at 9.30pm on Nov 8. It dishes out exclusive details, hot trivia and special nominee interviews for fans.

"The response to Shout! is getting bigger and this is a testament to the evolving and growing talent in local entertainment. Radio, television, film, music and social media have morphed into bold anchors supporting new trends," says Airin.

The awards sponsor is L'Oreal Paris and its presenter is Ninetology U9. Its radio partners are Fly FM, Hot FM and Suria FM.

A series of Shout! 2013 Cafe Sessions are on-going. They began at 9pm on Oct 19 at Halia Inc in Malacca and serves as a channel for fans to get close to their favourite nominees. The sessions will next take at Burps And Giggles in Ipoh (8pm, tomorrow), and The Mugshot Cafe (noon, Sunday) and Chinahouse (8pm, Sunday) in George Town, Penang.

Shout! Awards 2013 will kick off with a red carpet event. It will be held at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur at 8.30pm on Nov 9 and broadcast live on 8TV. Tickets are redeemable from the 8 Team, the Shout! Awards Facebook fan page and via twitter @theshoutawards. The public can also obtain tickets from Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya from 10am to noon and 3pm to 5pm Mondays to Fridays or by tuning into The 8TV Quickie.


Rockstar Award

Azlan And The Typewriter


Faizal Tahir

Go Gerila!

Oh Chentaku

They Will Kill Us All

Popstar Award

Aizat Amdan and Yuna

Hafiz Suip

Jaclyn Victor

Kyoto Protocol and Liyana Fizi

Noh Salleh and Aizat Amdan


Power Vocal Award

Adira Suhaimi

Azlan And The Typewriter

Eddie Edzuan (Tres Empre)

Faizal Tahir

Hafiz Suip

Jaclyn Victor

Flava Award

Altimet and Awi Rafael

DJ Fuzz

Mizz Nina and Jay Park

The Rebel Scum


Zizan Razak and Kaka Azraff

Music Video Award

Aizat Amdan and Yuna

Go Gerila! and Loque

KRU and Stacy Anam

Love Me Butch

Mizz Nina and Jay Park

WARIS and Juzzthin

Break-Out Award

Iqbal M

Jay Walia


The Rebel Scum

Tres Empre


Best On-Screen Chemistry Award

Adi Putra and Nora Danish

Lisa Surihani and Beto Kusyairy

Redza Minhat and Cristina Suzanne Stockstill

Yus and Taukeh (Jambu)

Zizan Razak and Johan Lim (Jozan)

Visit www.shoutawards.com.my for the full list of nominees.

~ Dennis Chua


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