Aku Synopsis (Aksi TV3)

Aku Synopsis

The 13-episode Aku centres on Acid (Nubhan), Faris (Idzham) and Badrul (Hairi), strangers brought together by circumstances.

Acid is chased out from his village because of a fight with a gangster who is after his girlfriend. He travels to the city and meets Faris, who offers to let him work at his motorcycle workshop. Faris had a fallout with a worker and is looking for a replacement.

In another part of the country, Badrul is helping his parents at their cendol stall when a loan shark demands payment. When he doesn't get paid, the loan shark destroys the stall. Badrul's parents also oppose his intention to marry his girlfriend.

As a result, he swears to turn bad. He changes his name to Black and moves to Kuala Lumpur. Coincidentally, he crosses paths with a gangster leader, who takes him under his wing.


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