Psiko Pencuri Hati Synopsis + Official Video Trailer

Psiko Pencuri Hati Synopsis 

How far would you research when you write a novel about serial killers? Do you have to think like a serial killer? Do you need to find the emotions and the skills of a serial killer to ensure your character works on paper?

In "PSIKO, Thief of Hearts", this question consumes the main character Sidi. This writer, whose wretched soul seem to be in constant fight with himself, tries to find some quiet time whilst doing research for his latest novel. Sidi (Bront Palarae) is accompanied by his pal Man who is always with him, egging him on to write better, to structure his plots better and at most times playing the devil's advocate. Sidi, who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is also researching a serial killer who is still at large in Kuala Lumpur. The serial killer has been dubbed Thief of Hearts as his trademark is to cut his victim's chest and take the heart out. Sidi is trying to get into the head of this serial killer in order to make him the main character in his next novel.

Meanwhile, Wani (Sharifah Amani) is a depressed young wife who has suffered three miscarriages and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her marriage is on the rocks and her doctor husband Khai (Syed Hussein) wants very much to try and repair the marriage. He suggests a trip to his favourite island of Pemanggil in Johore. Wani, in coping with her loneliness and depression, distracts herself by reading O.Sidi's novels.

After much persuasion, Khai takes Wani to the island resort where only the owner Pak Abu and his young wife Siti host the guests. Being off-season, no one else was on the island until coincidentally, Sidi and Man arrive on the island in seeking refuge and solace to complete his latest novel.

Wani is immediately attracted to this mysterious writer much to Khai's disgust, whilst Siti, who harbours no love for her own husband, feels attracted to Khai.

The tensions are raised, the pieces set and the opportunities in place. And then, Siti is found murdered on the beach.

Has researching serial killers caused Sidi to go over the edge and become a killer himself?
Did the depressed Wani, influenced by Sidi's novel turn killer?
Could Khai's jealousy enough for him to kill Siti and frame Sidi?
Was Abu fed up of his sexy young wife's flirtatious acts until he had to kill her?

Or was it Sidi's friend Man behind the murder of Siti in order to get Sidi to write his perfect crime novel?


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