12 things you might not know

12 things you might not know

1 A lobster can live for up to 50 years.

2 Electric Eels can reach up to two metres in length and can generate up to 500 volts of electricity!

3 The Giant squid has eyes of an average 39cm width - the largest in the animal kingdom.

4 Oysters can change from one gender to another and back again depending on which is best for mating.

5 The sea is about 3.5 per cent salt, most of it sodium chloride, the kind we put on our potato chips. The sea gets salty from the minerals in the soil and rocks and hydrothermal vents - places on the sea bed where water has seeped into the Earth's crust, heated up, dissolved minerals and flowed back into the sea. More salts are added when underwater volcanoes erupt.

6 Oarfish has a snakelike body with magnificent red fin and can grow up to 17 metres in length, making it the longest bony fish there is.

7 The Pacific Ocean was named by a Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, Mar Pacifico in Portuguese, meaning peaceful sea.

8 The Red Sea in the Indian Ocean has the saltiest water. It is also known as Dead Sea as its water is so salty that nothing can remain alive in it.

9 Seahorses are the only animal species in which the male gives birth and cares for their young.

10 The superhot water spewing out of a hypothermal vent looks like black smoke, and the minerals it contains build the rim of the vent into a tall tower. They're nicknamed `black smokers'. The temperature of the water can get to 400 degrees degrees Celcius.

11 Dolphins sleep with one half of the brain at a time with one eye open.

12 Sharks attack some 50 to 75 people each year worldwide with perhaps 8-12 fatalities.

Fish can't close their eyes, they don't have eyelids!

By Meyshna Nair


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