Snake bites man's penis at public toilet

A 34-year-old man was attending to nature’s call at a public toilet when he had his penis bitten by a snake, at around 10am on Wednesday.

Kwabena Nkrumah, a porter, suddenly felt a sharp pain at the tip of his penis and nearly collapsed when he realised that a big black snake was at the bottom of the toilet, ready to strike again.

His sudden cries for help and shouts of “snake,snake,snake” brought panic and fear among others who were also attending to nature’s call, at a deplorable toilet at Faaman, Ghana.

They began to run without even cleaning themselves, the reported.

Nkrumah who later recounted his experience to Mallam Yahaya of  Kessben FMs on its ‘Breaking News’ programme said he had felt intense pain at the tip of his penis and dizzy.

He was later brought to hospital by the people around him and had since been discharged.

In his interview, Nkrumah said he first thought that the pain was normal until he noticed the black snake lying just beneath him.


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