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Loved watching chef Nik Michael Imran in Dapur Panas? Catch him in new episodes soon on TV3.

Following good response to the four episodes of cooking show Dapur Panas, aired on TV3 during Ramadan, the 30-minute show hosted by chef Nik Michael Imran has been developed into a full first season with nine episodes scheduled to air beginning this month.

This time, Nik will be accompanied by a special guest from every location that the Dapur Panas team visits. They will discuss various topics as well as the delicacy being prepared.

His special guests include a fisherman, a rickshaw rider, a fashion designer and a representative from the baba and nyonya community. Among the locations are Teluk Kemang, Malacca, Sepang and Kuala Lumpur.

Each episode is divided into two segments. The first segment sees Nik visiting a location and talking to the guest, who will share unique stories about his or her daily activities. Viewers also get to see Nik joining his guests in carrying out their chores. The second segment features Nik sharing his cooking with the viewers, which also include tips on plating (dish decoration).

Sharing his experiences at a Press conference held recently, Nik said: "Through experiencing a fisherman's daily routine, I get to learn about his lifestyle and the hardship he goes through to put food on the table for his family.

"Now, when I go to market to buy fish, I am able to picture what goes on behind the array of seafood on sale. So much effort, pain and sacrifices. It's not easy to go out to the sea in the morning or to spend days at sea. Life is hard but even so, they can still laugh and are happy."

About the rickshaw rider, Nick said: "I experienced the job first-hand and was paid RM15 by a passenger. You learn to appreciate money, no matter how little it is."

Nik also followed firefighters on their job, rushing from the fire station to the scene of the fire. After that, he prepared an Indonesian dish, nasi ayam penyet, for them.

Some memorable episodes, he said, included preparing dishes in a fishing village in front of a fisherman's jetty, inside a fire station and a location set for a TV drama Playboy Itu Suami Aku?

He followed local fashion designer Rico Rinaldi during the shooting of one of the episodes. He said: "People only see the glamorous side of fashion world but this time, viewers will get to see the not-so-glamorous bits - the make-up session, the photo shoot and working with models, which can be very exhausting."

Nik also found himself in the company of high-powered bikers in Sepang and as for the baba and nyonya community, he learnt that nyonya dishes were influenced by English cooking. "They use a lot of Lea and Perrins sauce," he said, adding that viewers will get to learn the history of specialty dishes such as kari kapitan.

Since the special episodes of Dapur Panas last Ramadan, he has received a lot of requests for more episodes through his Facebook and Twitter (@nik9_) accounts. "Combined with a good rating, I am happy that we are back, and I look forward to seeing viewers trying out recipes from Dapur Panas," he said.

Also present at the event was TV3 brand management general manager Siti Nurlisia Mohd Nadzri who said: "Cooking shows help educate the society on balanced diets. To set us apart from other shows, we try different approaches. We visit various places and talk to different people so viewers not only get to learn to cook but also learn about the challenges that our guests go through in carrying their duties."

* Dapur Panas airs every Thursday at 11.30pm on TV3..

By Faisal Asyraf


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