Mawar Putih Tanda Perpisahan Synopsis

Mawar Putih Tanda Perpisahan Synopsis

Story about Sudin, middle aged unmarried fisherman live with his old mother in the village. He is good in Jawi calligraphy. His life changed after his mother’s death, and he started to feel lonely.

Pak Mail is Sudin’s neighbour and best friend of his late father; persuade Sudin to marry with his daughter, Dahlia who just finished her SPM to ease his burden. Sudin accepted Pak Mail’s offer. In early stage of their marriage, both Sudin and Dahlia feel awkward and seldom talking to each other.

Mawar Putih Tanda Perpisahan Synopsis

Sudin vow to himself that he will make Dahlia happy, and he doesn’t bother to do cooking, housekeeping and other house work that housewives supposed to do. After few weeks living together, their relationship starts to bloom, and Dahlia accepted her middle aged husband in her life.

One evening, Dahlia received news from villagers that Sudin is missing during fishing at the sea and the boat sinking. The villagers found 2 of his friend’s body floating near the seaside. There’s no news about Sudin and nobody found his body since then.

Dahlia still believe that her husband still alive, and waiting for her husband every day. Dahlia’s waiting accompanied by Sudin’s diary, written in Jawi and Dahlia will open and gaze the diary as she didn’t know to read Jawi.

After battling with own feelings, finally Dahlia takes determined decision, the diary is packed in the plastic and drifted to the sea. Dahlia finally agrees with her fate that Sudin already gone. The diary drifted and buried together with their untold love, memories and never ending love. Life must goes on, and Dahlia continue her life without Sudin; a beloved husband with no comparison.

Starring: Rosham Nor, Nad Zainal, Omar Abdullah
Director: Bade Haji Azmi


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