Synopsis KANNAGI : The Wrath of a Chaste Woman

The Tanjai Kamalaa Indira Dance School (TKI Dance School) in collaboration with NLFCS- Tan Sri K.R Somasundaram Arts & Culture Foundation, proudly present:

KANNAGI : The Wrath of a Chaste Woman

Date: Friday, 13 September 2013
Time: 8.30pm
Auditorium: Panggung Sari
Venue: Istana Budaya, Jalan Tun Razak, 50694, Kuala Lumpur
Details please contact: 012-606 5570

With over 47 years of staging quality productions befitting the performing arts scene, the Tanjai Kamalaa Indira Dance School yet again comes back with another mega production,  ‘KANNAGI: The Wrath of a Chaste Woman’. This extravagant dance drama with original music composition features more than 60 dancers performing to a vibrant mix of innovative stage lighting, amazing theatrical designs and dazzling costumes.

Synopsis KANNAGI : The Wrath of a Chaste Woman

Derived from the famous epic, Silapadhikaram, Kannagi, is a Second Century Tamil epic by Ilangovadigal, containing references to dances and dancing customs of the times. This epic deals with a tragic love story of Kovalan, his wife Kannagi, and the beautiful danseuse Madhavi. Kovalan leaves his newly wedded wife for Madhavi as he was enraptured with her beauty and captivating dance talent. In due course, he loses all his wealth and have a misunderstanding with Madhavi.

After realising his mistake, he comes back to Kannagi and they both decide to leave Madhurai to start a new life. While trying to sell Kannagi’s silambu (anklet) , Kovalan is accused of theft and is executed by the Pandiyan King. Kannagi, heartbroken and enraged, marches to the Palace to seek justice from the King. The lost Pandya’s anklet is filled with pearls; and Kannagi proves the innocence of her husband by breaking her anklet filled with Manika paral (precious gemstone). Feeling guilty for lamenting injustice inflicted on Kovalan, the King dies; and the enraged Kannagi burns the entire Madurai


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