ISocialConnect Conference 2013 with Lon Safko

Expand your business by learning the tactics of success from the Social Media Guru LON SAFKO coming to Kuala Lumpur this September.
Get ready Malaysia !


If you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind. If you’re an expert in Facebook and Twitter, then you’re trying to build a house restricted to using only two tools. Social media is an amazing marketing tool set that’s been for the past 5+ years.

This conference isn’t just about integration; it’s about a totally new concept of “Interconnecting” all of your traditional and digital tools. Isocialconnect2013 is about looking at all of your tools, campaigns, and conversion strategies first in two-dimensions, then taking your entire marketing strategies into the world of three-dimensions.

This allows you to look at everything you do in marketing in a completely different way…

RM 899 public RM 450 Students



Discover what’s next after Social Media with  Fusion Media Marketing and transforming your entire marketing strategies into greater revenue building!

Get it all from Guinness Record Holder Lon Safko @ISocialConnect Conference 2013


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