Ramadan Buffet Kampung Style @ Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya

Ramadan Buffet at Palm Garden Hotel
The "Kampung Style" Ramadan buffet is priced at RM 75++ per adult and RM45++ for children aged between 4 and 12 years old. It is available from July 10 to August 8 from 7pm to 10.30pm.

Palm Garden Hotel is offering a 20% discount for the buffet from July 10 to 14.

For reservations, call 03-8943 2233. All kitchens at the Palm Garden Hotel are certified Halal.


Home is where the heart is and if you are one of many who are homesick, then Palm Garden Hotel's "Kampung Style" Ramadan Buffet is the perfect place to break fast.

Nestled in the lush greenery on the fringes of Putrajaya, Palm Garden Hotel's Ramadan buffet is a hit amongst city dwellers with its classic kampung cuisine.

The hotel goes all out to give guests a taste of home with a superb selection of appetisers, soups, main courses, live action stalls, desserts and beverages. Music from the Mahligai Ghazal troupe and the atap-roofed live-action stalls will evoke fond memories of life in the kampung.

Begin the feast with some light appetisers and soups. There are assorted ulam kampung, lemang, nasi impit and six kinds of Malay salads including kerabu daging and kerabu nangka. Thai and western salads also make an appearance but it is the soups that should not be given a miss.

One of buffet's most popular stars is the sup gearbox. Do not let the name fool you, this soup appeals to those with a penchant for excitement as its spiciness gives quite a `kick'. Equally pleasing is the sup ekor mamak which takes no less than four hours to prepare.

Make a beeline for the live-action stalls where some of the buffet's best dishes can be found. Kampung staples such as kambing guling, laksa Kedah, beef and chicken satay, varieties of ikan bakar, otak-otak, roti jala and bumbur lambuk are available.

It is impossible to stay away from the live-action stalls once you get a whiff of the mesmerising Ramadan goodies being prepared. Also at the live action stalls are local and western dishes such as roti john, murtabak, roti boom, Penang char kway teow, keropok lekor and freshly cooked pasta with three different sauces and condiments.

As for the kari kepala ikan, the hotel is known for its unique choice of fish. "We use salmon for a fish head curry because its flesh is soft and compact. It really does make a great curry," he said.

He added that the hotel rotates between six menus, meaning different fishes will be used for the kari kepala ikan, including grouper and red snapper.

The main courses showcase some of Malay cuisine's finest dishes. One that Khairul is particularly pleased with is the rendang tok. "It is the most difficult dish to prepare as it takes up to four hours to cook and needs to be constantly monitored."

Keeping an eye on one dish for so long can be quite tedious considering the diversity of the buffet line, which consists of no less than 80 dishes as well as the amount of food prepared.

Other main dishes include nasi bryiani, spicy lamb masala, deep fried snapper with sweet and sour sauce, curry sotong with okra, ayam masak kurma, pajeri terung, kalian ikan masin, roast beef with thyme mushroom sauce and more.

For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert and beverage counters are something to look forward to with an extensive range of Malay kuih, assorted jelly, ice cream, French pastries, cakes, bread butter pudding, tapai pulut and ABC amongst others.

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