Kepong Gangster 2 Synopsis + Trailer

Kepong Gangster 2 Synopsis 

Cindy was captured and forced into prostitution in Kepong by Gang 27 to repay her father’s debt. Billy returns to save Cindy and killed the owner of the prostitution par-lour. In killing him, Billy regains the trust of his temporary new boss of gang 390, Pago. Billy wants to become the new leader of 390 but Pago thinks that he is too arrogant for the position thus only allowes him to become the leader of the 5 Tigers. Pago asked for Chong to be found to take up the leadership role. Billy was not happy.

On the other hand, Taiji, the son of the late Gang 27 boss Black Dragon, returns from Australia to takeover his father’s duty. Taiji managed Gang 27 with astute and ruthless means. He started doing drug trafficking in the nightclubs in Kepong turning Kepong into a city of drugs in no time.

Chong conceals his identity and became known as Shin while working as a mechanic in a garage. He lives peacefully with Tong. Due to Chong’s previous gangsterism practice, he could not forget how his girlfriend Tong was raped. Chong becomes very low profile and humble person.

Chong is rumoured to become the leader of 390. Gang 27 worries that Chong’s re-turn will strengthen and bring gang 390 into new heights. Taiji created a conspiracy forcing Chong to resurface and become the leader while kidnapped Cindy to threat-en Billy to become the new leader of gang 390 at the same time. Taiji wants Chong and Billy to fight and kill each other

Kepong Gangster 2 Trailer


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