Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Benefits OF Wooden Flooring

WOODEN flooring has long been prized for adding beauty, warmth and value to almost any home. It has an individual character that appeals to many home buyers.

In a survey of real estate agents, 90 percent said homes with wooden flooring sells faster and for higher prices than those without.

This bit of information only supports what many people already realise - that wooden flooring equates with quality.

This idea of wood as the preferred flooring is not just a fuzzy generalisation.

Real reasons account for the perception.


Too many variables exist to calculate precisely how much value a hardwood floor will add to your house, but you can rely on history to show you that.

As a lifetime product, the value of hardwood floor rises along with the value of the house. Though real estate prices move in periodic waves, the overall trend is that hardwood floors increase in value and adds value to a house. In contrast, carpeted floors usually get worn down and have to be replaced.


You probably know how quickly a carpet gets dirty if not vacuumed regularly.

Today 's hardwood floors need little more than a quick sweep and occasional application of cleaning products thanks to the latest in stains and finishes.

You should take care only to use a product compatible with your type of wood. Your local flooring store should be a good source of information.


Often overlooked is the fact that wood is a renewable resource. Parts of houses, barns, and wooden furniture get recycled into homes being built today. This "second life" of wood flooring combines utility with history to provide a nuance that is simply unavailable from a spiffy new laminate.

Leading health associations say you should remove carpets from your house to reduce airborne allergens. Smooth surfaces like wood are a healthier choice since they don't collect dust or allergens as readily.


The tremendous variety of wood species available for hardwood flooring is a benefit often overlooked.

No matter what room of the house or style of decor, there is bound to be a wooden flooring to meet your needs.


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