5 ways to modify your car

5 ways to modify your car

Car modification is a popular pastime. By modifying your car, you can put your own unique touch on the vehicle and make it stand out from the rest.

There are several modifications available which you can add to improve your car's appearance. These types of modification are simple and will make your car stand out from the rest with very little work.

The different types of modification includes installing alloy wheels, body kit, tinted windows, interior mods (such as gear knobs), steering body kits, and many more.

No matter which model and make of your car, it is important to learn which essential car parts can be used to style your vehicle.

Here are some quick steps on how to modify your car:

1 Alloy Wheels - For those who want to exhibit a different persona, upgrading the wheels is a must. It is the easiest styling mod you can make to your car.

With so many styles and models of alloy wheels to choose from. Your decision is determined by the make and model of your car. Choose a style that suits your car, then pick the accompanying tires with the right depth and width.

Alloy wheels manufacturers produce almost all designs imaginable from rim sizes to stud patterns for almost all car models.

Before purchasing a set of the alloy wheels, make sure they are a perfect match to your car. Ensure the measurements are within the correct tolerance of the original wheels.

A perfect set of alloy wheels will improve the appearance of your car, and make it stand out.

2 Tinted Windows - Another popular modification is to have your car windows tinted. Tinted windows can keep out the glare and makes it harder for others to peep into your car.

There are many tint colours you can choose from to mix and match your car appearance. When choosing a car window tint, consider the very dark tinted windows can be a safety hazard. Make sure you are comfortable with the visibility and it must be street legal.

3 In Car Entertainment (I.C.E.) - In Car Entertainment Systems or ICE systems refer to all modern multimedia devices that function as entertainment. The range of products and options of in car entertainment are immense.

Products to choose from include: iPod Car Adapter Kits, USB, Bluetooth, CD, MP3 Stereos, Multi-CD changers, DVD player, LCD/TFT screens and many more.

A common I.C.E. enhancement is fitting a quality head unit combined with speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers - customising your car audio system to produce good music.

4 Body Kit - A body kit makes a car looks more streamlined, personalised, and unique. It is usually made up of a custom front bumper, rear bumper, and two side skirts. Other customisations include front and rear lips, fender extenders, spoilers, carbon fiber hoods, and air scoops amongst others.

Body kits work beyond just changing the way your vehicle looks. They also help by reducing drag and give your vehicle aerodynamic benefits.

There are many companies that sell body kits, so how to do pick the right one? Choose one that best aligns with the shape of your car. Also be aware of the material used.

The cheaper category is made of fiberglass, while the better ones are made of polyurethane (an FRP composite) which is stronger and more flexible.

Car Kits made out of carbon fiber is another alternative. These pieces are light and stylish, and can also be expensive depending on the quality.

5 Car Navigation Systems (GPS) - Installing a car navigation system (or GPS), is popular these days.

There are many types available including the in-dash mounted navigation system.

When buying a new GPS system, it is better to opt for higher resolution screens as they make the map and information easier to read. Large memory and a decent control chip make for a smoother and more efficient operations.

Other ways to stylise your car include using a dash of chrome trims on the door handle covers, fender trim mouldings, chrome taillight bezel, fender, or rocker vents, rocker panel moldings, and chrome body side mouldings;

Projector headlights, high intensity definition (HID), LED taillights and custom tail lights are other additional items you can add.

Your safety and other road users' come first when modifying your car. Make sure after the modification, it is safe and street legal.


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