Tips For Diet - Easy Diet Tips

Tips for Diet

1) Don’t skip breakfast!
Eating breakfast speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose more calories through out the day. Eating breakfast is a good habit!

2) Drink more water!
I know you’ve heard this here and there, but there’s a reason why. It’s good to drink a cup of water 15-30 minutes before you eat a meal. It fills you up, so you eat less, and it also exercises your intestines.

3) Alternative for water
Water tastes like nothing, so it’s hard to drink a lot of it. Green tea may be an alternative for water! It detoxes your body, meaning that it washes away all the bad things in your body. It also has a taste so I find myself drinking a lot more of it than water! Green tea helps reduce the risk of getting cancer. Some people think drinking too much green tea is not good because it has caffeine, but truth is, it only contains half the caffeine of coffee!

4) Munch munch snack time! Say no to junk food!
Instead of a bag of chips as a snack, how about a cup of fresh fruits or a salad? Yum yum! Junk food are not only high in calories, but it also makes you feel groggy and lazy.

5) Question yourself?!
You go out to grab a burger with your friends, and that is perfectly fine. But, do you really need that large fries and extra ketchup on your burger? Ask yourself, and you know the answer.

6) Move around all day every day!
Don’t sit infront of your computer all day, do some housework to help your mom and exercise!


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