The Wedding Diary 2 Synopsis 《结婚那件事之后》

The Wedding Diary 2 Synopsis

After Wei Jie and Zhi Xin stepped into a marriage, Wei Jie became a responsible full time dad. In order to save their marriage, this couple gave birth to a child. However, Zhi Xin took the responsibility to stay in the office to juggle with her profession. As this couple begun their role as a family, there were a huge changes in their marriage life. Zhi Xin's dad fell sick due to the pressure of dealing with the crisis that is going on with his business.

At that moment, there was a lady, Reese came into Zhi Xin and her family life and got them into a great deal if chaos. Despite being pregnant, Zhi Xin had to stay and take care of her father and his business. On the other hand, Ah Shi tried to apply his business technique which he had learned previously from Colin. As time goes by, business has begun to expand. For that reason, Ah Shi was more focused on business and omitted his family and his temper grew.

He even blamed Wei Jie for not helping him out. Wei Jie and Zhi Xin were living in agony due to their career every day until the day the baby was born. After baby was born, Wei Jie compromised and stayed home to take care of the newborn. Happy days were short lived as Wei Jie's patience was challenged as he was not happy being the househusband which the wife earns the living.

He demanded to have a trade in roles with his wife. Wei Jie insisted to go for his interview which forced Zhi Xin to bring along their baby to work. On a particular day, Zhi Xin had no other option and she was forced to call Reese to babysit the baby.

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