In The Dark Synopsis + Official Trailer

In The Dark Synopsis

When a fortune-teller predicts that Joseph and May will never marry, Joseph defies his prophecy and proposes to May. Before the day of the wedding, however, May is killed. Racked with guilt, Joseph tries desperately to contact her in the afterlife but invokes instead the ghost of a comatose man who was with May the day she died. Seeking answers about May`s relationship with the man, Joseph unwittingly lures other spirits into his world and finds out, to his horror, that some secrets are better left unexposed in the dark.


In The Dark  Official Trailer

Directed by : Yeo Joon Han 楊俊漢
Starring : 演員:台灣帥氣小生王柏傑、馬來西亞新秀李佳潔、中華美姐傅袺綝、中國實力派演員郭明­翔、葉良財等。
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