25TH Malaysian Film Festival Finalists

25TH Malaysian Film Festival Finalists

Best Film

* Bunohan - Apparat

* Songlap - Grand Brilliance

* Ombak Rindu - Astro Shaw/Tarantella Pictures

* SAM - Skop Productions

* 29 Februari - KRU Studios

Best Director

* Dain Said - Bunohan

* Effendee Mazlan & Fariza Azlina Ishak - Songlap

* Osman Ali - Ombak Rindu

* Syafiq Yusof - SAM

* Saw Teong Hin - Hoore! Hoore!

Best Actor

* Faizal Hussein - Bunohan

* Shaheizy Sam - Songlap

* Pekin Ibrahim - Bunohan

* Shaheizy Sam - SAM

* Zahiril Adzim - Bunohan

Best Actress

* Maya Karin - Ombak Rindu

* Nadiya Nisaa - Jiwa Taiko

* Vanidah Imran - Untuk Tiga Hari

* Sara Ali - Songlap

* Farah Nazirah - Hoore! Hoore!

Best Supporting Actor

* Husyairi Husai - Bunohan

* Syafie Naswip - Songlap

* Amerul Affendi - Bunohan

* Bront Palarae - Jiwa Taiko

* Omar Abdullah - Songlap

Best Supporting Actress

* Normah Damanhuri - Songlap

* Fauziah Nawi - Hoore! Hoore!

* Lisa Surihani - Ombak Rindu

* Nabila Huda Suhaimi - Jalan Kembali

* Lana Nordin - Chow Kit

Most Promising Director

* Syafiq Yusof - SAM

* Goh Aun Hoe - Seefood

* Ghaz Abu Bakar - Hantu Kapcai

* Nizam Zakaria - Cinta Kura-Kura

* Teng Bee - Kepong Gangster

Most Promising Actor

* Shahrizal Jaszle - Azura

* Izzue Islam - 29 Februari

* Hazama Azmi - Apa Celop Toq

* Akim Ahmad - Hoore! Hoore!

* Iedil Putra - Ngorat

Most Promising Actress

* Farah Nazirah - Hoore! Hoore!

* Jojo Goh - 29 Februari

* Neelofa Mohd Noor - Azura

* Shima Anuar - Sumpahan Kum Kum

* Mon Ryanti - Keramat

Best Screenplay

* Dain Said - Bunohan

* Fariza Azlina Ishak - Songlap

* Edry Abdul Halim - 29 Februari

* Goh Aun Hoe - Seefood

* Afdlin Shauki - Untuk Tiga Hari

Best Cinematography

* Songlap

* 29 Februari

* Misteri Jalan Lama

* Hoore! Hoore!

* Ombak Rindu

TWO gritty stories of siblings living on the margins of society lead the nominations at the 25th Malaysian Film Festival.

Produced by Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd (GBSB), Songlap is the story of two brothers who make ends meet by getting involved in human trafficking.

This movie has a record 15 nominations in 23 categories in the 25th Malaysian Film Festival finals (FFM25) which will take place at Putrajaya International Convention Centre at 9pm on Saturday. The festival runs from today to Saturday.

Songlap, directed by Effendee Mazlan and Fariza Azlina Ishak, stars versatile actors Shaheizy Sam (Adnan Sempit, SAM and Evolusi KL Drift) and Syafie Naswip (Mukhsin, Talentime).

Another giant in terms of nominations (13) is director Dain Said's Bunohan, the story of three brothers - an assassin, a fight-to-death Muay Thai boxer and a con man - who come from a village in Kelantan with gruesome name that denotes "murder".

Bunohan, a production of Apparat, stars actors Zahiril Adzim, Pekin Ibrahim and Faizal Hussein.

Both Bunohan and Songlap have received critical acclaim outside the country - Bunohan was Malaysia's Oscar 2013 entry for Best Foreign Language film while Songlap has gone to eight international film festivals since it premiered two years ago.

A total of 59 films are in the running for awards in FFM25.

The festival is organised by the Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas) with the co-operation of the Federation Of Film Professionals Association Of Malaysia (Gafim), Malaysian Film Producers' Association (PFM) and Malaysian Artistes' Association (Karyawan).

Primeworks Studios film, studio business and corporate relations general manager Tengku Iesta Tengku Alaudin says: "It is a great honour for Songlap to be nominated big, surpassing Dia Ibuku in 1981.

"This film has a strong, humanistic story line with both critical acclaim and box-office success (RM3 million)."

Tengku Iesta says the other GBSB films which were nominated are Chow Kit (four nominations) and Ngorat (one).

Seefood and Bohsia 2: Jalan Kembail, which are distributed by GBSB, have five and one nomination(s), respectively.

Tengku Iesta says Bunohan is Songlap's strongest contender for Best Film, while Dain, Syafiq Yusof (SAM) and Edry Abdul Halim (29 Februari) are strong contenders for Best Director.

"It's a very tough fight and each director has his or her speciality. Syafiq is a newcomer who arrived on the scene with a great story to tell, while Edry excels in storytelling, likewise Dain," says Tengku Iesta.

Songlap co-producer Red Films' producer Lina Tan says: "The film was born from the creative minds of Effendee and Fariza. It took two years for the script to be completed before it was ready to be filmed."

Fariza says: "It was really challenging to create an original story with the backdrop of human trafficking. We had to do a lot of research to get an in-depth knowledge of how the syndicates operated."

"To create a believable world required a lot of attention to detail. From the colour of a shirt to the choice of a car, each and every element was thought out," adds Effendee.

Shaheizy, who is delighted to be nominated for both Songlap and SAM, says: "My experience working with Effendee and Fariza was unforgettable because the whole process was so detailed."

"Songlap was a new medium for me to think out of the box," says Syafie.

Songlap main actress Sara Ali, who has been nominated for Best Actress, says: "As a newcomer, I am humbled to be nominated for FFM25."

Normah Damanhuri, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, says: "Even though I did not have many scenes, people remember my character and it got good response from young and old."

KRU executive producer Norman Abdul Halim says 29 Februari is Edry's second movie after Magika which won Best Film two festivals ago.

"29 Februari has a story that appeals to all audiences, with history, fantasy and romance combined. It was scripted by Edry and Amir Hafizi Mohd Sood, who also worked with us in Magika and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (the reigning Best Film)," he says.

Norman agrees with Tengku Iesta that competition is very stiff, but he has high hopes that 29 Februari lead actress Jojo Goh will win Most Promising Actress.

"Jojo is a brilliant newcomer, and we are confident we will win in the technical categories," says Norman, who sees Bunohan as KRU's strongest contender for Best Film.

He says Bunohan has emerged as a strong contender for Best Actor as its three main stars are up for that category.

"Syafiq (Yusof) is brilliant new director with a family tradition in show business. He easily stands out in the Best Director category."

KRU's next movies will be Hantu Tok Mudin (Showbiz Productions) and Vikingdom, which is likely to be screened in September.

Director Saw Teong Hin says Hoore! Hoore! is his second film in the festival after Puteri Gunung Ledang seven years ago.

"Competition is stiff this time, but I'm optimistic about winning," he says.

"Our cast of young and promising actors really did a great job bringing a heartwarming story that celebrated Datuk Sudirman Arshad's music to life - Kilafairy, Akim Ahmad and most of all, our Best Actress and Most Promising Actress nominee Farah Nazirah, a brilliant first-timer on the big screen."

Dain says: "Shaheizy has given exceptional performances in his films, thus it will be a tough call for Best Actor."

By Dennis Chua


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