Aku, Kau Dan Dia Synopsis (Film 2012)

Aku, Kau Dan Dia Synopsis

Music student and composer Mia, the daughter of businessman Datuk Hashim (Harun Salim Bachik) and his wife Datin Roselynn (Marisa Yasmin).

She is deeply in love with her dashing and brilliant fianceĆ© Ilhan (Pekin), but he dies in a car accident. Broken-hearted, Mia composes a song which she dedicates to Ilhan’s memory.

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Then she herself is knocked down by a car while observing a dashing street musician, Izlan (Remy). When she regains consciousness, she forgets the notes to the song she has composed. Returning to the scene of her accident, she bumps into Izlan again.

Strangely, Izlan plays the song and teaches her the notes. Love blossoms between them, but Mia soon realises Izlan is not who he appears to be.

Pekin has written a song for the film’s soundtrack titled Aku, Kau Dan Dia. It is composed by Sharon Paul and sung by Shila Amzah.

Shila, one of Pekin’s favourite singers, also sings Dejavu composed by Sharon and written by Imillya Irwani. The other songs in the soundtrack are Please Forgive Me written and composed by Julfekar Ahmad Shah and sung by Elly Mazlein, Namanya Cinta written by Wan and Fedtri, composed by Sharon and sung by Haris, and Pendam, written and composed by Sham of Kamikaze and sung by Shahir Zawawi.

Producer Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai says Aku, Kau Dan Dia, is above all, a story of the indomitable spirit within all of us to self-heal.


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