Beauty starts with healthy diet

In the old days, malnutrition as a result of vitamin or
mineral deficiencies resulted in severe diseases and premature death.
Although malnutrition is not so severe today, most people still find it
difficult to get a balanced diet due to their hectic lifestyles. This
provides opportunities for vitamin and supplement producers to introduce
various products into the market.
According to Euromonitor, the global vitamin and supplement market is
currently worth about US$68 billion (RM214.2 billion).
Although competitive, the industry has been growing but at a slow pace
in recent years due to the economic crisis, regulation difficulties and an
over abundance of products in more mature markets.
However, for Golden Swan Biotech (GSB), opportunities for growth are
boundless as the healthcare and supplements industries in Malaysia and
globally continue to flourish once again.
Last August, the company introduced its latest product to the market,
Pure Beauty - an anti-aging nutrient drink - to meet the high demand for
quality nutrient drinks in the marketplace.
"We expect our domestic sales of the product to hit RM5 million by the
end of this year. We aim to triple that over the next few years by
expanding our business to overseas markets," executive director Jen Mensen
The company is selling around 5,000 boxes of Pure Beauty a month since
the product was launched last August. It targets to hit 10,000 boxes a
month starting February.
Jen said said the product contains powerful antioxidants which work
synergistically from within to create what scientists call "antioxidant
"It is a process in which antioxidants work together to extend each
other's lives and make them stronger," she said.
Jen said GSB is planning to tap the Indonesian, French, Brunei and
Singaporean markets by the second quarter of this year.
For many women, beauty means looking good - and beauty starts with a
healthy diet and anti-aging nutrition.
Beauty can be defined as the level of health appreciation, acceptance
and satisfaction with the way one looks, Jen said.
Jen believes beauty is not all about having a pretty face but it's about
living a happy, healthy life.
Speaking to Business Times in an interview recently, Jen said choosing a
healthy diet is surely the way to go when looking to enhance the
appearance of the skin from within.
"Beauty on the inside will reflect the outside. So, eating the right
food and eating in moderation is the way to living a healthy life," she
GSB, formally known as Nur Resources Sdn Bhd, was founded in 2006 by
Jen, who has more than 10 years of experience in health and beauty
nutrient industries, said the company offers a completely integrated
manufacturer of all types of nutritional supplements. These include
product development, raw material acquisition and custom formulations.
Jen said GSB has invested some RM100,000 in its research and development
and will continue to invest to pump up its product development.
She sees the domination of international brand names in over-the-
counter healthcare products segment as one of its challenges.
Other challenges include greater competition due to widespread use of
information technology, strict advertising regulations and claims of
product effectiveness by unethical companies, which affect the industry's
As the company anticipates robust growth this year, it has allocated
RM30,000 a month for its marketing and advertising expenses. "We are
focused on branding and in meeting customers' needs," Jen said.
Based on its strong belief in people and customer satisfaction, GSB
markets its products via dealers. This is unlike other companies that
distribute their products through pharmacies, franchises or direct

Source:Business Times
Date: 09-01-2012
Author: Cheryl Yvonne Achu


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