Multiple Vendor Concept Boutiques Pave The Way For Online Entrepreneurs

Multiple Vendor Concept Boutiques Pave The Way For Online Entrepreneurs

Online businesses have become a phenomenon in Malaysia and their presence is clearly felt among Malaysian consumers.

While some cyber entrepreneurs engage in this to supplement their income, others do it because of their passion for business.

However, their burgeoning numbers, in turn, has created stiff competition among entrepreneurs in the cyber realm as they strived to provide unique and competitively priced goods.

So in staying ahead of competition in the cyberspace, a young entrepreneur has come up with a creative idea that allows cyber entrepreneurs to peddle their wares in brick and mortar multi vendor boutiques as well.

Young entrepreneur and blogger at, Nurhakimah Mohd Zulkifli, 22, first came up with the idea of a multi vendor concept boutique when she received free products for review from online entrepreneurs.


"From there, I began thinking about what I could do to promote goods sold by online vendors besides writing reviews on them on my personal blog.

"Then I got the idea to set up my own boutique called Imacattura where multiple vendors can sell their items, using RM40,000 in capital.

"Multiple vendor concept boutiques are different from exclusive boutiques whereby consumers can find as many items as possible in one boutique," she told Bernama.

The boutique located in Dataran Kemuning, Senawang, hosts some 80 vendors selling a variety of items such as clothing, shawls, handbags, glasses, health products, accessories and shoes since it opened on Nov 15 last year.

Inside the boutique, a special corner offers an assortment of biscuits, cakes, chocolate, crackers and candy to visitors.


A rest area provides a thoughtful addition, especially for husbands accompanying their wives shopping.

Nurhakimah, the fourth of seven siblings, said she did not place strict requirements in selecting vendors as long as the items were unique and not sold at the boutique.

"Each vendor is charged rental between RM50 to RM200 a month, depending on the type of product and space needed. The goods offered are priced between RM1 and RM150, reasonable and affordable," she added.

Recounting her boutique's opening, the holder of a Diploma in Culinary Arts from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Penang admitted that she followed in the footsteps of her father who was also an entrepreneur.

Nurhakimah also conducted a survey before opening the boutique and acquired information first from her father, brother and sister who are all in this line.


Nurhakimah said she also plans to hire several staff to assist with boutique operations.

"So far my friend and I are the only ones looking after the boutique. I hope to open a branch in Melaka or Selangor someday," she said, adding that she hoped that the public would continue to support vendor concept boutiques and that more vendors will join in to boost the industry in Malaysia.

She also encouraged youths with an interest in entrepreneurship to work hard, focus on their goals and have the courage to try new things.

By Farhana Nabillah Zakaria--BERNAMA 


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