Median Household Income in Singapore is $8,290

Median Household Income in Singapore is $8,290

According to the latest report by the Singapore department of Statistics (SingStat), the Median household income in Singapore in 2014 was $8,290, a 5.3% increase from the year before.

In 2013, the Median household income was $7,879. After taking into account inflation which was 1.2% last year, the real income growth was about 4.1%.

When dividing up the stats in terms of income per member of the household, the stats were $2,380 in 2014 compared to $2,247 in 2013, a Real increase of 4.7%.

The report from the government’s statistics arm found that overall, the resident households in Singapore received up to an average $3,370 per household member in government payouts from various schemes in 2014, slightly lower than in 2013 when $3,650 was handed out.

Resident households Include those headed by a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident with at least one working member.

Those in 1 and 2 room HDB flats received the most government transfers with $9,030 per household member being distributed.

Government transfers include subsidies for healthcare, education, GST vouchers and more.


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