The function of the bridesmaid

The function of the bridesmaid

BRIDESMAIDS and best men, weddings can’t do without them, especially now that getting married has become all the more commercialized.

Far from an overnight thing, wedding planning has turned into a lucrative business.

What does a best man actually do in a wedding? To take the place of the groom accepting congratulatory drinks from guests during the wedding feast is probably not his main function. That’s only the basics.

He in fact is in the plot of the groom who by picking him as his best man, gives him the chance to get closer to the bridesmaid, or sisters, relatives or friends of the bride.

We can see ourselves that during the wedding, the best man is often preoccupied trying to impress the bridesmaid, instead of looking after the groom.

If the best man should get drunk, it probably is not because he has been given too much to drink. It’s because he has not got a thing for the bridesmaid, sisters, friends or relatives of the bride. Or, it’s the other way round; they have no interest in him, given him the cold shoulder.

So, he drinks to drown his sorrow.

The main job of the bridesmaid, on the other hand, is there to emphasize the prettiness of the bride, something they have made so obvious … the reason why the bridesmaid is more important than the best man.

If you have been invited several times to be somebody’s bridesmaid, do not despair. It probably is because your friends are either too confident or too generous.

If you have never been asked, neither should you feel happy. It probably is because you have not got a good enough friend who is willing to consider you as her bridesmaid on her big day.

The schoolgirls are daydreaming. One of them says to the other, When I get married, I must get you to be my bridesmaid, because I’m prettier than you.

How shocking. We should understand there and then how fragile friendships between girls are.

That can hurt for quite a while for the may be then plain-looking girl.

However, it turned out that when this girl married, she did not ask her ‘less- good looking’ friend to be her bridesmaid.

And a few years later, they bumped into each other in the street. The girl who married first already had two young sons. This girl who was supposed to look less pretty actually felt quite pleased that her married friend should look so haggard and is no longer pretty.

By comparison, boys are more loveable.

When he chooses his best man, he picks one who is a good friend, one who has a good relationship with him. He does not mind that he is taller, more handsome, wealthier or richer. It never occurs to him that he should use his best man to ‘big’ his good points, to make him appear better, more superior, classier…

But then, women, even on the day they marry themselves off, they are as insecure as ever. They must find other, according to them less-endowed women, to bring out their attractiveness, to magnify it further, to remind everybody present how lovely they are.

And that’s not all.

They jump on this opportunity chiefly to remind the grooms, now their husbands, how lucky they are and how smart they have been in their choice.

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