6 Ways You Can Prevent Hangovers

6 Ways You Can Prevent Hangovers

Are you meeting friends after work for some drinks? If you are, you probably want to avoid drinking to a point that you will wake up with a hangover because work and nursing a throbbing hangover is no fun at all. Here’s some things you can do to prevent yourself from having one and still be able to drink the night away:

1. Drink some green tea
You might want to load up on that green tea during the day because apparently it helps you from having a hangover the day after.

2. Don’t forget to eat
Whatever you do, don’t forget to eat before you go out for a night of drinking. Food should be in your stomach before you have your first glass of alcohol.

3. Stuff yourself with some healthy fat
We are talking about stuff like avocado and salmon. Fat helps slow down the process of food leaving your tummy, so the longer the food stays in your stomach, the less likely you are going to feel like crap the next morning.

4. Down water before and after
I can personally testify to this working. Before you get started on the vino, down a glass or two of water with some lemon. And after the night’s ended and before you hit the sack, down another bottle of water.

5. Replace your dinner with some fats
If you were too busy to grab dinner before going out to enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends, then make sure you order some olives and nuts at the bar. Both are good source of fat.

6. Avoid sugary mixers
Believe it or not, sugary mixers can contribute to your pounding hangover. You’re less likely to have a hangover if you mix your whisky with water as opposed to mixing it with some Red Bull.

Source: Lipstiq


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