Lu ,Gua Bro ! Synopsis + OST

Lu ,Gua Bro ! Synopsis 

Lu , Gua Bro ! tells about the journey , the ups and downs of life twists the lives of two good friends , Yu and Mi are derived from the same village and were born on the same day . From the days of childhood to school age , adolescent age to adult age , they remain together despite any effect . Their dream is to become a policy , moreover both their father wanted them to be a policy .

The story begins when Yu and Mi met at a refinery where Mi worked as a security after a year of not met you indulge Mi work in Bandar leave home . Yu who fled from dealers find Mi bye in the refinery store . Mi refinery where the work was apparently running drug syndicate trafficking bye . Yu and Mi Cuba to report the matter to the policy , but prohibited by the bye dealers . Fighting Yu and Mi apply make up to the top level of the building refinery to save themselves .

Were running , Yu slipping foot pole building and was greeted by an almost fell but Mi Yu just hanging there . Yu is almost despair has appeased by Mi with words until well into the spirit of the past tell their stories of how they were both excited about the affair immediately and block the challenge face all along .

That's where the story of the story of the power of friendship between Yu and Mi from childhood to now . They finally approached two employees of the policy , is the one by the Eve , their classmates at school since that is also a demand by Yu so now . Party policy thanking you indulge them inadvertently been circulating collapse the syndicate in the refinery and offer them both as policy support there

Director:Ismail "Bob" Hasim
Cast:Zalif Sidek, Nina Iskandar, Epy Kodiang, Rahim R2


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