Janice & Aarif Galaxy 100 Live In Malaysia, Arena Of Star, Genting Highland

Janice & Aarif Galaxy 100 Live In Malaysia, Arena Of Star, Genting Highland

Event details:

Venue : Amphitheathre @ Sunway Lagoon

Date : 26th October 2013, Saturday
Time : 8.30pm - 11pm

Entertainment can never get better than when 2 talented singers merge together  to perform and show off the power of great vocals combined.

Captivate the mind with this unique performance from Hong Kong's very own  "Janice & Aarif Galaxy 100 Live In Malaysia" at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highland!

Janice Vidal set Hong Kong ablased in 2004 with her English rendition of Leon Lai's "Long Distance" and a Christmas version of "Bu Ke Yi Shi". She went on to release a second album, "My Love", which is a rarity for newcomers in Hong Kong, and swept all the female newbie singer awards that year. To top it off, her albums “Serving You” and “Wish” were named among the top 10 best-selling Cantonese albums of 2009.

The Hong Kong born Aarif Rahmanm, or better known as Aarif Lee, comes from a mix parentage of a Malaysian-born father and a Hong Kong-born mother. He was first noticed when he was revealed to have written all the lyrics in Janice Vidal's 2009 album "Morning". Thus, paving a smooth way into the Hong Kong music industry. In his debut album, eight of the ten songs were solely composed, arranged, and produced by Aarif himself, and he also penned the lyrics to two of the English songs on the album.

Organizer:Galaxy Group Sdn Bhd

Telephone number: 03-22822020

Email: www.galaxy.com.my


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