Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson - Domestic Violence Incident

An UK tabloid has published images in which Millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi can be seen squeezing the throat of his wife and celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson.

Images published in Britain's Sunday People was taken while the couple were dining at Scott's in Mayfair restaurant, News.com.au reported.

Onlookers told the publication that the couple, who have been married for 10 years, were having a heated argument during which the star was reduced to tears.

The 53-year-old TV chef looked frightened in the picture as her 70-year-old husband tightly placed both hands around her throat and then appeared to squeeze several times.

He reportedly used both of his hands to grasp the lady's neck for four times, after which he pinched her nose before he pushed both hands in her face.

The source said that neither the staff nor other diners intervened to stop the row.

Saatchi then reportedly stormed out of the restaurant to a waiting car while the chef was seen crying as she held a hand to and walked towards the vehicle. (ANI)


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