Facts Of The Day

Some Quick FACTS

* A snail can sleep for 3 – 4 years – during which period it does not need food

* Giraffes can live longer without water than camels

* The songs of humpback whales can change dramatically from year to year, yet each whale in an oceanwide population always sings the same song as the others

* The forces required to remove a foot from quicksand at a speed of one centimeter per second would require the same amount of force as “that needed to lift a medium-sized car.”

* Oysters can change between being female or male

* Goldfish kept in a dark room turn much paler – and if it wasn’t for the color in the food they eat, they would turn completely white

* To test if a pearl is real, you can rub vinegar on it – the composition of the pearl will cause it to bubble furiously


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