Types and Examples of Distorted Thinking

Types and Examples of Distorted Thinking

Mind Reading - Unlike having a healthy theory of mind, mind reading is when you make assumptions about what somebody is thinking or feeling despite contrary or lack of supporting evidence. In actuality, you’re possibly delusional or paranoid.

Catastrophize - when you over think a problem and the effects that they will actually have on you. For example, when you think that losing a relationship means the end of your life when really you can find someone new the next day or down the line.

Filtering - when you only pay attention to one side of things. For example, you only remember the bad times you had in school and not the good ones.

Polarized thinking - when you think of things as either black or white or good or bad. For example, there can only be good or bad people or success or fails.

Personalization - when you take everything too personally. For example, when you think that everything people do or say is some kind of reaction to you.

Blaming - when you hold other people accountable for your problems. For example, you blame someone else  for causing you to make a bad decision. In actuality, you were the one who made the wrong call based on your own judgement.


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