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You do not need a million ringgit to become a Doctor
In this day and age, many parents with an average household income of RM3000, have been stressed about the large amount spent on their children's education.

How can every family afford that? Countries such as Australia and United Kingdom cost around RM800,000 to RM1,000,000. Such course fee has indeed become a high hill to climb for students to fulfill their dreams of becoming a health expert consultant. However, with Medic Ed, fulfilling your dreams is just at the fingertips.

Many people actually wondered, of all agencies, why Medic Ed? Medic Ed offers medical studies at a lower price. It is affordable for family who has lower income. Medic Ed offers medicine courses in countries such as Russia and Indonesia. Many parents will only feel impressed with the word `United Kingdom' or `Australia'. They start to burn themselves out by earning more money to support their children's education.

According to Medic Ed, It does not matter whether it is Russia or Australia because it is still the same medical certificate and it is also recognised by Malaysia government. It all depends on how people prove their ability when they started working later. Students tend to be more independent as they need to get used to such environment which is so different from home. Therefore, with the same course at a better price and a better benefit, isn't it better?

Medic Ed offers all universities which are recognised by the Malaysia Government such as the First Moscow State Medical University and Russian State Medical University in Russia; as well as Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Padjadjaran, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Andalas (Padang), Universitas Hasanuddin, Universitas Brawijaya (East Jaya) and also Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia. China Medical University in Taiwan is also provided by Medic Ed.

Russian Universities offer medical courses for RM 123,000 throughout the whole 6 years whereas Indonesia Universities offer medical courses starting from RM 110,000 throughout the whole 5 years. Dentistry courses in Indonesia cost RM 130,000 and Pharmacy courses will start from the range of RM 70,000 to RM 98,000.

Medic Ed has come up with a 360 degrees concept whereby students will be taken care of from the day they started their courses with Medic Ed to their future. First, Medic Ed has put their consultants through months of training to ensure their ability of handling student's questions as well as to maintain a strong bond with the students. All education consultation will be conducted by professional medical doctors who will then give students a clearer picture of a doctor's life.

Secondly, students will be placed in one of the companies from Medic Ed's group, which is TMC College for Foundation in Science (FIS). TMC College is fully owned by Medic Ed. Students are placed in TMC College so that it would be easier to monitor their progress. TMC College will also hold medical talks, which will be given by medical doctors to students on their course syllabus before entering into the Universities. Besides the medical talk, Russian and Indonesian lecturers are provided to assist students in overcoming cultural shock so that students are well-prepared to face a different lifestyle of other countries.

Next, Medic Ed will assist students who are finally heading to their respective Universities by securing the places, arranging registration and documentation, accommodation, facilitate immigration, pre-departure and as well as ground handling arrangement. Parents will also be updated regarding student's academic progress, welfare and safety as appointed representatives from the respective universities will look after the students. Doctor's advice will be given to students who face academic problems in Russia and Indonesia. In order to give a secure feeling to the students, mentor- mentee programmes are arranged for students who need guidance. Furthermore, Medic Ed assists students with financial aid of about RM300, 000 per year.

On the last quarter of the 360 degrees concept, Medic Ed contributes help in student's documentation procedures as well as registration with Malaysia Medical Council for their government service. Upon graduation, students can always turn back to Medic Ed for their practical purposes and also locum (part-time job) services. In another way, Medic Ed guarantees jobs for their students after graduating, which means they can either work in Medic Ed's clinics or they can joint venture in setting up new clinics. All in all, Medic Ed shows dedication and sincerity to students who need help in this aspect. Giving the best to the students also is a show of promising a good future to the students.

Visit Medic Ed at the NAPEI 31st Malaysian Education Fair 2012 this June 2 and 3 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) Hall 1 and 2, booths 1044 and 1045 for more details. For more details, call Medic Ed at toll free 1800-88-9088, 03-79811821 or email Alternatively, visit


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