Good reasons for marrying late

Good reasons for marrying late
In order to live happier, the long-time single person had better ready a palpable reason for marrying late, even if it’s only for overcoming the endlessly curious questioning from parents, relatives and friends.

As all single people know, these busy bodies would give them no peace until they are provided with a satisfactory answer.

A fair portion of the people marries late mainly out of choice, while the majority have missed the boat because they are forced to, having had all along no choice to make.

They have not met the right person, I should think is the most realistic reason there is. Once the right person comes along, I should think they will leap into marriage as speedily as is possible.

If you don’t wish to be troubled by these so-called nosy parkers for want of a freer, happier, less disturbed life, the best way is to rustle up a good, yet convincing reason for your single state, well, because you want to shut them up once and for all.

The most common reason for getting married later has to be, My career comes first.

But even though this might be good enough a convincing reply, before it is said, we have to first make sure whether we already are enjoying a successful career or whether we have already achieved what we had set out to do.

If our job is just being responsible for answering the telephone or running errands in the company, then putting career before marriage does not apply.

The second most common reason is, I don’t believe in marriage.

This, I’m afraid, only applies to those whose parents’ marriage has broken up.

For parents who have a happy marriage life, to give them this reason only make them not only dissatisfied but also sad, since you have seen through them even if unintentional.

The third and fourth reasons are respectively, I enjoy a single life and I have not met a person who could make me want to marry.

Both these reasons are not that bad but too formulaic, as if observing a pattern or following a system. Boring and tasteless, another words.

So, for those single persons who wish to remain and stay the way they are never mind the sky is fallen, it’s more advisable to think of several fresh and interesting excuses, something different from what we always hear.

You never know, you might be convinced by them yourself.

The excuse for marrying late can be and why not? I like to buy a second hand car.

The later the marriage, the more chance there is for us to marry someone who has married before, someone who has experience of a divorce or separation.

A divorced person, either man or woman who dares to marry again means he/she must love us so much, so very much that he does not mind how troublesome the divorce papers are, while he also does not mind another big hole in his pocket.

Another reason for late marriages can be, I would like to help reduce the rate of divorce to the lowest point.

Two married forty-something would have the number of their admirers or suitors considerably reduced for obvious reason and so, chances for love affairs outside marriage would also dropped.

When they look into the mirror, both realize that if they leave the other, all they could find would be one who is far worse than their original partner.

Divorce rate among this group of people is therefore understandably the lowest.

~ Sabah Times


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