5 career opportunities in Advertising and Media

Career opportunities in Advertising and Media

The advertising industry is a dominant player in the Malaysian economy, generating over RM13 billion in revenue.
Advertising agencies and media specialists offer dynamic career growth opportunities to young graduates. Particularly for ambitious individuals nursing a desire to:

•function at the heart of the nation's creative industry,
•understand consumers,
•build brands,
•craft innovative strategies and
•acquire skills in the finite nuances of persuasive communication.


Most immediately, several agencies are seeking sincere candidates in five specific functional areas.

1) Client Service or Account Management
The front-liners who represent the agency in the client's office, besides representing the client's interests within the advertising agency - they interpret the communication priorities and tasks, manage the delivery of the various creative initiatives and execute a major role in developing and sustaining the client-agency relationship.

Dynamic client servicing executives acquire all-round skills and enjoy fast-track opportunities for growing into senior management roles.

2) Strategic Planning
Strategic Planners help establish and drive the growth and continued success of brands. They interpret the consumers' needs and desires, analyse the competitive factors in product categories and market segments. They also provide the key strategic insights which lead on to the development of advertising ideas, communication strategies and multi-tier integrated executions.
Successful strategic planners are revered by the industry and command enviable salaries.

3) Media Planning and Buying
Media Planners craft vital strategies that connect the communication ideas with the consumers. They finalise the quantity and frequency required for optimising the impact of the creative ideas and ad-campaign nuances, in the consumers' mind and heart.

Media Buyers are responsible for executing the media strategy, by obtaining the best positions, timing and media-space/time-prices for these campaigns. Their task is to maximise the mileage generated from clients' budgets and the media-investment-dollar.

4) Creative Services and Production
Copywriters, Visualisers and Art Directors translate the core advertising ideas into reality. They conceive, conjure, develop and fine-tune the creative executions designed to engage and impress the consumers. They work in close-knit teams, designing the creative elements which (ideally) ensure the campaign leaves an indelible impact, resulting in sales, enquiries and market-share growth.

Production Executives ensure that the internal creative process is executed smoothly, that the advertisements are of the highest quality, besides being made on time and within budget. They fall into three functional brackets (i) controlling the internal process, (ii) sourcing external talent, models and props required for production, and (iii) supervising the production itself.

5) Social Media Strategists and Web Developers
This sub-sector provides dynamic opportunity for smart individuals keen to understand, interpret how consumers use and interact with digital/social platforms. This process-understanding can then be utilised for promoting and consolidating brands.

Web Developers are responsible for technically implementing digital ideas and strategies. They work closely with the creative department and brand/consumer strategists.

Interested, ambitious graduates can obtain more information by accessing these websites:
Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia – aaaa@macomm.com.my
Media Specialists Association – msa@macomm.com.my


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