Top three Waterfalls to visit in Perak

Top three Waterfalls to visit in Perak

Lata Kinjang

NEAR TAPAH, THIS multi-tiered waterfall is 100 metres high. It is clearly visible from the North-South Expressway. It is also one of the tallest single drop waterfalls in Malaysia. There are parking areas, food stalls and also an orchid garden at the foot of the fall. It is an ideal place for family outings.

Lata Sungai Bil

SLIM VILLAGE has an icy cool mountain stream, dotted with huge rocks and river boulders. It is a sight to behold. One will not be able to resist the temptation of jumping into the cold waters. It is a great place to picnic and chill out.

Lata Tebing Tinggi

THIS WATERFALL IN Selama is a popular picnic spot among locals and tourists, especially during the weekends. It is an ideal place for an outing with family and friends. Among the facilities available are toilets, changing rooms, food outlets, prayer and parking areas.


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