Follow Your Heart Quotes

Follow Your Heart Quotes

Follow your heart. Avoid the crowd. Believe your dreams are worth all the effort.

Follow your heart because god wouldn't allow you to stray from the right path that easily

Follow your heart. Life is too short to be sidetracked by the things everyone else wants you to do.

The best thing that you can do in life is follow your heart. Take risks.

When you are not sure which way to go, it is always wise to follow your heart.

Break the rules, stand apart, ignore your head, follow your heart.

Follow your heart & go where you feel God is leading you. You only get one life. Take chances, make each day count. Tomorrow isn't promised.

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart -Rainer Maria Rilk

People keep saying that you should always follow your heart. But when your heart gets broken into pieces, which piece should you follow.

Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart,Tears don't mean your losing, Everybody's bruising ! JUST STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE !

You don't always get what you want in life, but you will eventually get what you deserve. Follow your heart but take your brain with you.
Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

When you follow your heart, there's no heart you can't win. –Cinderella (Cinderella II)

Follow your heart, listen to your instinct and never let the fear of failure stop you. Always dare to dream.

Always follow your heart. Even if it doesn't take you to where you were dreaming

Your time is limited. Don't waste it living someone else life. Follow your heart and intuition. Everything else is secondary. - Steve Jobs

They say that home is where the heart is, so follow your heart and know that you can't go wrong ?

Follow your heart. Regardless of what others tell you to do, it is how you feel and at the end of the day that is what matters.

You will not find peace until you follow your heart, it will bang like a drum until you listen to its call.

Don't let the noise of OTHERS opinions drown out your own VOICE. Have the courage to follow your HEART & intuition.

Focus on the solution not the problem, follow your heart, not your ego, trust God not people.

True love is not something that comes everyday. Follow your heart, it knows the right answer

Follow your heart until you find a heart that follows you.


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