The Malayan band

The Malayan

Malaysia is a famous melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. This diversity has produced the “Malaysia Rock/Rhythm and Blues” band, The Malayan whose influences include Ocean Colour Scene, Stone Roses, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Malaysian and Singaporean bands; Search and Sweet Charity.

The Malayan is lead by Andy, vocalist and guitarist with Malaysian band, Flop Poppy. Andy is joined by his long time song writing collaborator Khian; formerly of Spiral Kinetic Circus.

Kumpulan The Malayan

The release of The Malayan’s debut single "Aku Bukan Lagenda" in May 2011 and subsequent appearances on TV shows such as “Malaysia Hari Ini” established the band’s music credentials. The Malayan has subsequently performed multiple live shows alongside pioneering bands and artists such as Fadeface, Subculture, Sixth Sense, Ning Baizura and Ana Raffali.

The Malayan’s ability to blend multiple genres into bewitching tunes delivered with boundless energy makes them a truly unique act in the Malaysian rock.

Current Band Line-up
Andy (Vocal and Guitar)
Khian (Guitar)

Andy - Andy formed Flop Poppy in 1989 and released the 1st single title "Knocked Silly" on a compilation called "Circle of Friends". He joined Spiral Kinetic Circus in 1996 and recorded an album called "Sweetened Condensed Tunes For The Broken Hearted" in 1997. A the same time, he has been doing bass session for artistes/bands such as Koffin Kanser/Republic of Brickfields/Projekt AK, to name a few. Andy released Flop Poppy 1st full length album on 1999 entitled "A Decade Ago" and five more full length album under Flop Poppy in the following years.

He have been writing, producing and performing in numerous movie soundtrack, as well as artistes such as Ella, Siti Nurhaliza, Reza AF3, Aril AF7, Frequency, Coco, Projekt AK, etc. In addition, Andy hosted a world travel log programme called "Transit" in 2004. Andy became an ambassador for World Marching Band competition 2008-2009 and wrote the theme song entitle "Do The Marching Now". He was an endorsee of Yamaha endorsee from 2002-2006 and currently endorse by Schecter guitars.

Khian – Khian (Guitar) and Andy (Bass) were in the same band, Spiral Kinetic Circus, along with Fathul (Vocal), Jijoe (Guitar) and Ajin (Drum) from 1996 to 1999. They released an album "Sweetened Condensed Tunes For The Broken Hearted" in 1997. He left the scene in 2001 and went into audio engineering and TV production in Singapore. In 2006, Khian started to pursuit his other passion, photography. In 2009, upon returning to Kuala Lumpur, he decided to get the band (Spiral Kinetic Circus) together again and played two gigs at One CafĂ©. This sparked off his musical juices and return to the music scene. He approached Andy to make music together and the band The Malayan was born.


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